Sunday, June 29, 2008

Checking In

I was feeling a little homesick, so I was able to leave Hogwarts this past weekend to visit with my family. Sometimes it feels like the trip just takes forever, but it was such a great visit, it was worth the traveling.

Happy to report that my loving husband is doing well off by himself and he is so happy to have out little dog with him. Sergei stayed with me for the first two weeks, and then went to visit Mark and he will stay with him in the cabin the rest of the summer. He is thoroughly enjoying chasing the geese and squirrels, they have white squirrels there which are protected by state law, but Sergei still enjoys giving a good chase. His doggies friends Izzy and Gertie are back for the summer as well, and now that all 3 have had their summer haircuts, there is much fun to be had outside. Excitement of the weekend was a masterclass with Yo Yo Ma, arguably the world's best cellist and possibly musician, followed by an amazing concert featuring Yo Yo playing the Dvorak cello concerto. Fantastic weekend, but now back to studying and catching up on Hogwarts news and projects.

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