Monday, May 19, 2008

First Week Reflections

Wow has this first week flown by! I have so many classes...I'm hoping I'll get the hang of things soon! I got an owl from my mum this week and thought I might have to leave Hogwarts. One of my family members passed away, and I thougth maybe I should leave and go home for the rest of the term. After many owls from family and friends, I've decided to stay here and make the best of my first year at Hogwarts. I think Cathe would be very happy that I'm doing this, so I'll do it for her.

Well, back to studying I go.


MIUMIU said...

Nice to meet you, look at your blog sympathy.
And links to your blog please.
Waited for your reply.

Wisteria Lovegoods said...

I'm so very glad you decided to remain at Hogwarts. I'm also sorry to hear about the death in your family. Let your friends here at Hogwarts pamper you and be a shoulder to cry on. Know that we all care.

onescrappychick said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your sad news ((hugs))