Saturday, August 2, 2008

What was lost is now found!

After weeks and weeks of flying in circles, Wisteria's owl finally arrived at my parents house in Alabama. Lucky for the owl I was in Alabama for the week-end to pack up the rest of my things and I was able to enjoy my fantastic package!

I have no idea where my camera could be in one of three cities that I currently "reside" in, so when I can, I will post pictures.

I got a beautiful felted bag - I'm in awe of how difficult the pattern looks - I'm excited to use it and maybe get inspired to try one myself. It's the perfect size to hold all my knitting needs - and look great in public!

I got a copy of the Harry Potter Magical Knits - I've been eyeing it , and my husband was really excited - his next project will be the wand holder, followed quickly by the wizarding cap!

I got the most beautiful sock yarn - yummy shades of yellow and grey - I can hardly wait to see how great it knits up! I got a set of double pointed needles and addi turbo circulars - my favorite kind of circulars!

To aid my tea obsession, I was given the yummiest blend of Peach and Blueberry Rooibos - it is amazing iced...and Azteca Fire, which I have been hearing much about and can't wait to try! They both came in the most beautiful tin from Teavana in my favorite shade of purple! I also happily saw the package of tea filters - which will come in VERY handy in my month long stay in a hotel - so much easier to enjoy my tea!

I got a beautiful set of stitch markers - an adorable bumble bee tape measure (I'm going to have to fight my husband over this!) a cute fizzing wizebee tin with Dinosuar eggs (which are quite yummy) and two fun test tube potions!

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!! I'm so sorry your owl had to circle for almost a month before being able to land - but everything is great!

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Wisteria Lovegoods said...

I'm SO glad that Paisley finally found you! And I'm glad you liked the kit. It was fun putting together for your.